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Performance Troubleshooting for Deployed Instances


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 5/25/2017
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients

If you access the Avalara Excise services from an address other than or (test), this page has additional troubleshooting specific to your setup. To do these steps, you must be logged in as a back-end user.

First verify that you are using the same version of website/services/database.  Version mismatches may cause issues.

Page load time

This will help you determine if there is a periodic event affecting page load time.

  1. Click System Diagnostic > Page Request Information.
  2. Filter for greater than X number of seconds to find a starting point.
  3. Use the date selector to compare to the same type of day of month from the previous month to note any major differences.
    • For instance, if today is the Monday the 19th, then compare to last month's Monday closest to the19th day.
  4. Filter to specific users or anything else that will help narrow it down.

Import time

Import time is compared to a past similar event.

  1. Click Admin > System Activity and filter on import activity.
  2. Compare the same type of import file, in the same jurisdiction(s), with about the same number of records.
    • Review how long the import takes, and how long any one of the (usually 1,000 record) schedule transaction jobs takes.
    • Review how long the Last Batch job takes.
  3. Click System Diagnostic > Services and Queues.
  4. Click the Scheduled Tasks tab and search for those same jobs, to
    • Review if they were Pending in the Queue for different periods of time 
    • The jobs may be waiting behind other jobs that got in the queue first, but still run fast when they get started.

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