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About Returns Excise and AvaTax Excise Releases

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This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 11/30/2016. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Supported Releases

Maintenance support is provided for the current and 2 previous minor releases. For example, when 5.25 is the current release, 5.24 and 5.23 are also supported. 

Releases types

Version 5 releases come in the following types and frequency:

  • Platform (Quarterly and Monthly)
  • Content Preview (Monthly for AvaTax Excise)
  • Update (as needed)

Platform releases

Avalara provides quarterly and monthly platform releases that include:

  • eFile updates
  • Tax return updates
  • Tax scenario updates
  • Business profile data updates
  • Content updates, including changes to rates
  • Program feature updates and improvements
  • New program features (quarterly only)

Platform release versions identify the major.quarterly.monthly update version numbers.  The major release is currently version 5.

5.17.0 is a quarterly release and ends with .0

5.17.10 is a monthly release and ends with .10 or .20

5.17.21 is an update and ends with .x1, .x2, etc where x is 0, 1 or 2 from the quarterly or monthly release

Update releases are made available on an as needed basis.

All version 5 Platform releases, including update releases, are cumulative - they can be applied to any version 5 system and include all previous releases.

AvaTax Excise Content Preview releases

These releases provide an early view of changes in core rates, profiles, and scenarios. They are targeted for the 25th of each month to allow you to test this content prior to the beginning of the next month.

Content Preview release versions are numbered as

2015.11.24-5.23.0 is Content Preview 1 (.1) released November 24, 2015 (2015.11.24) for testing. It was incorporated into the following platform release (5.23.0).

Release dates

Release dates for the upcoming year are published near the beginning of the 4th quarter here and at the Excise Support Portal in the Forum's General area (login required) .


  • AvaTax Excise Content Preview releases are targeted for the 25th of each month. 
  • Platform releases are targeted for the 1st of each month.
  • Dates are normally adjusted to be on a business day and followed by a business day.

Zytax 4 releases

Zytax 4 has been in "sunset" status since July 2011. It is only supported for clients who:

  • Have a version 5 contract.

  • Are current on all maintenance and licensing fees.

  • Are actively migrating to version 5, Avalara Returns Excise.

Zytax 4 Quarterly Releases

These release versions are numbered as major.minor.release

4.4.171 is a quarterly release and ends with .xx1.

4.4.172 is an update release and ends with .xx2, .xx3, etc., where xx is the first 2 digits of the quarterly release.

  • An update release can only update the corresponding quarterly release.

  • 4.4.172 updates 4.4.171 only, not 4.4.161 or earlier.

Quarterly releases are cumulative and include all previous releases, including rates and updates released prior to the date of the quarterly release.

Zytax 4 Monthly Rate Updates

These releases are named and monthyearRateHighlights.doc.  The rates files for October 2014 are named and October2014RateHighlights.doc. They are released on the same day as the AvaTax Excise Content Preview releases, which are targeted for the 25th of each month.  

Deployed (self hosted) information (version 5.xx.yy)

If you use the cloud (SaaS) version at you can skip this section.

Platform releases are available at the Excise Support Portal in the Downloads section.
Each release includes a setup executable and a release highlights document.
All version 5 Platform Releases, including update releases, are cumulative.  They can be applied to any version 5 system and they include all previous releases: Platform (quarterly & monthly), Content Preview and Update.

Supported versions

Avalara supports the current version of Returns Excise and AvaTax Excise plus two previous versions. When 5.17 is the current version, 5.17, 5.16 and 5.15 are supported versions. If a correction is included in a newer version, upgrading will likely be the solution.
The installed release version is displayed in the lower right corner of the site.


Download release highlights and updates (login required) Excise Support Portal

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