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Support Cases Setup in Avalara Excise

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This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 9/8/2017.
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Each client identifies 2 support contacts who can register to submit and manage support cases on behalf of all their users. 

Each support contact must be activated and enable a security token.  These are one-time setup steps that ensure only authorized users can communicate tax information securely between your company and support.

Verify access with a security token

Your Avalara Excise support case security token is a unique set of characters generated specifically for the support contact requesting it.  If a new support contact is added, they must follow the setup and request a token matched to their own profile.  

  1. Log into the Avalara Excise Platform (Returns Excise & AvaTax Excise).
  2. Click the Welcome link in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your Current Password and click Unlock Profile.
    • If your business uses single signon for the Avalara software, you will see not Unlock Profile.  Just continue to the next step.
  4. Click the Support Case Options tab.
  5. Click Send New Token.
    Tip: Do not sign out after requesting a new token or the verification will fail.
  6. You will see a message that a token is sent to the email address in the profile.
  7. Open the token email and copy/paste it into the Token field.
  8. Click Verify Token.
  9. You will see the message Token Verified! when it is accepted.
  10. Support Cases has now been added to your Admin menu.
  11. A new token can be requested at any time by an existing support contact.  Request a new token if your email address changes.

Try it out! If you haven't already created a Support Case, please create a case now, to verify everything before you need it. Just let us know that this is a test case. 

Need a little help setting this up?

If you're a Support Contact, designated by your company, call 877-780-4848 and ask to be transferred to an available Excise Customer Support Specialist.

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