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Create a Support Case

This article applies to:Excise

This page is only for Avalara customers licensed for Returns Excise, AvaTax Excise and Government. 
Documentation of operation, usage and release dates is confidential and proprietary information of Avalara.
Last revised: Jan 15, 2020

This page is  for Support Contacts only.
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Create a Case

  1. Gather the Required Information, if you haven't already. Cases opened without this will be lower in priority and we'll simply have to ask you to provide it. 

  2. Login to the Avalara Excise Platform at (If no one can login, click here.)
     Creating cases from a self-hostedHoverTT.png Avalara Excise server is not supported.

  3. Complete the initial setup for Support Cases, if you haven't already.

  4. Click Admin > Support Cases.


  5. Select your company name from the Account dropdown.
    Note: If you are a Support Contact and the Account dropdown is empty, complete the initial setup for Support Cases
  6. Click Add New Record (You could also jump to Update a Support Case or Closing a case.) 
  7. Fill out the entire form, following the example below. 
    • All fields are required except the Closed Date.
    • Use the temporary word processing document you created in Gather Information to fill out the form.
    • Better information means faster answers and remember - only one issue per support case.
  8. Click Update Case to create it.

  9. The grid will update with your case number, with an icon indicating the priority you assigned.
  10. Now you can add files to your case.  Click the Attachments tab and then Select Files.
    • The file Supplemental Information.png is automatically attached by the software to every case.  It contains system information used by support and should not be edited by the user.
  11. You will be prompted to select a file to upload from your computer.
    • The maximum file size you can upload is 25 MB.
    • Refer to your browser's help menu if you need instructions on how to upload a file to a web page.
  12. You will see your file attached to the case.  To save an attached file to your computer, click the download icon.

When can I expect a response?

Response times are based on priority by error classification:




Workaround, Fix or Documented Correction

Error Correction, Upgrade and/or Documentation


Minimal Impact: Intermittent errors that do not materially affect normal operation of the Software. 7 business days 45 business days As appropriate


Degraded Operations: Errors that disable only certain nonessential functions but that do not affect the normal operation of the Software during the normal working day. 2 business days 15 business days As appropriate


Severe Impact: Errors that disable major functions from being performed and therefore affect the normal operation of the Software during the normal working day (e.g., inability to file motor fuel taxes in a taxing jurisdiction). 8 business hours or next business day 5 business days Next Upgrade *


Fatal: Errors that result in the loss of all processing capability. 4 business hours 3 business days Next Upgrade *

* If the development cycle has not already been closed for the next upgrade.

How can I escalate a case? 

Due to the detail needed to resolve most questions, Avalara does not offer telephone support for Excise services. After opening a case as described on this page, if you feel you are not receiving a timely response:

  • Review the response-times to see if your case is eligible for escalation
  • Have your case number ready
  • Call (877) 780-4848 and ask for Excise Support escalation

Update a support case

You can add comments and attachments anytime, day or night, except for brief maintenance periods.

  1. Click the Comments tab.
  2. Click Add New Record
  3. Type in your freeform text.
  4. Click the check mark to add the comment.
  5. You can also add an attachment. Please be sure to add a comment any time that you add an attachment.
  6. Click Update Case to alert support that it has been edited.

Closing a case

  1. When your problem has been resolved, close the case so it no longer appears in your filtered list of open issues.
  2. Click the case in the grid row to the Details tab.
  3. Enter or select a date in the Close Case box.
  4. Add information about the case resolution to the Comments if you wish.
  5. Click Close Case.

Tracking and case history

You can add widgets to your Home page dashboard that will help you keep track of your open cases, research closed cases and view statistics like tickets per month, support response and resolution time.  Click here to learn how to create and manage a custom dashboard.


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