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This site is only for Avalara customers licensed for Returns Excise, AvaTax Excise and Government. 
Documentation of operation, usage and release dates is confidential and proprietary information of Avalara.
Content last updated: March 10, 2022

Our responsibilities and yours

If you're new to Avalara Excise Customer Support, you'll want to read our responsibilities and yours.  

You may also want to look at Do I contact the tax jurisdiction or Avalara Support? 

Response times

Once one of your two Support Contacts creates the original case through the Avalara Excise Platform, your case is assigned a priority (or "class")

Support Contacts

Each customer identifies two Support Contacts who:

  • Must be well-versed in the use of the Avalara Excise Platform and have an active user account
  • Perform an internal triage of user questions, taking advantage of all available self-help resources
  • Include enough information to reproduce the issue or answer the question
  • Can open and manage cases 24 hours a day, seven days a week directly from the service, except for planned downtime 
  • Provide individual email addresses (group email addresses can't be used for Support Contacts).

Excise customer support hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central time (USA) Monday through Friday, excluding observed holidays. Cases opened or updated outside customer support hours are addressed the next business day.

IT Contacts (self-hostedHoverTT.png customers only)

Because self-hosted customers must maintain their own IT infrastructure (servers, database, load balancers, etc.) and also perform their own upgrades, they can designate up to 2 additional contacts, called IT Contacts.

IT Contacts:

  • Receive release notices. All SaaS (cloud) users receive a release notice with a summary earlier in the day from the Home page Message Center. 
  • Can download releases and other files by logging into the Avalara Excise production site at See Support Downloads for details. 
  • Only Support Contacts can open, escalate and manage cases.
  • Updating IT Contacts is the same as Updating Support Contacts (below).

Users must be identified with the real name of the person who logs into our sites. A group email address can be used for one of your IT Contacts but that account will not get a login.

What if our Support Contacts have left the company?

Updating Support Contacts

Support Contacts must open a case to change one Support Contact to another. Simply include the following information:

  • For the person to remove: Full name and email address
  • For the person to add: Full name, email address, phone number and title (optional)

If all Support Contacts have left your organization, someone with contract signature authority will need to open a support case as described above.

What if no one can login or create a case? 

How can I escalate a case?

See Create a Support Case for response times and how you can escalate a case.

Who gets notified about releases and other changes?

Click Releases from the menu at the top of any page here in the Help Center.  

Self-hosted (deployed) notifications

Self help resources  

All of these options are available available 24 x 7 x 365 (minus maintenance periods).

  • Message Center widget - the latest news delivered the moment you login (Home)
  • WalkMe - interactive tutorials, best for rarely used topics or new users
  • Help Center -  smart search at the top of every page - and be sure to check the News Flash
  • User Guide - click Help in the top right of any Avalara Excise page
  • Case history - think you've seen this before, but can't remember the answer? We saved it for you! Ask your Support Contact to look in Admin > Support Cases > Closed cases (dropdown)
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