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Avalara Excise Quick Start Guide

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This site is only for Avalara customers licensed for Returns Excise, AvaTax Excise and Government. 
Documentation of operation, usage and release dates is confidential and proprietary information of Avalara.
Content last updated: 2021-07-23.

Welcome to the Avalara Excise Platform for Returns Excise and AvaTax Excise!  As a new user, you will receive a separate email from support @ with the subject line Your Avalara Excise Platform User Account containing a login user name and an auto-generated temporary password.  Your initial company user name will be assigned by Support.  

First time sign in and account setup

Your initial temporary password must be changed within 7 days to avoid expiration.  

  1. Click on the link in the email, or paste it into your browser's address line.
  2. Enter the username and temporary password and then click on the Sign In button.  You may copy/paste the temporary password from the email.
  3. Enter your temporary password and click on Unlock Profile.
  4. Confirm your identity on the Profile tab and click Update Profile.  Title and Telephone are optional.
  5. Click on the Security Questions tab and then the Add New Record button.  
  6. Choose a security question from the dropdown list, enter the Answer and click the check mark to save it.  You may add more than one question to your profile for higher security.
  7. After your Security Question and Answer are set, click on Change Password.
  8. Type in or copy the Current Password (the one you were sent).   
    • Create a New Password and type it again it in the Confirm Password field, then click on Change Password.  Additional password requirement to those listed:
    • You may use international characters such as ä ô ñ and special characters @ ! # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = [ ] { } 
  9. Password change is complete.  Continue on to the software, and then type in this new password the next time you log in.

Password assistance 

If you need to reset your password just click the Password Assistance link under the Sign In button in the upper right corner.

Browser compatibility

The application has been designed to operate with one of the following browsers, all of which are free downloads.  Using a different browser may result in errors.

  • Mozilla supported versions of Firefox 
  • Google supported versions of Chrome
  • Microsoft supported versions of Internet Explorer and Edge

Help link

While working in Avalara Returns Excise, the user guide downloads by clicking the Help link in the top right corner of the program window.  If the user guide doesn’t answer your question, click Support in the orange banner menu on any page here in the Avalara Excise Help Center. 

User Administration

Avalara Excise customers manage their own users anytime, day or night. Your organization's first user has permission to create additional users and most of your Support Contacts have this right, too.  Click User Administration to learn how.

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