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Data Retention and Cleanup

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This document applies to Deployed license types.  Last updated 2/27/2017. 
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The Avalara Excise Platform performs routine self-maintenance.  In release 5.28.0, the Database Maintenance Plan Schedule Task has been moved to the System Initiated Clean Up Task.

PRIOR to applying the 5.28.0 upgrade, take a screenshot of the current setting values from the Database Maintenance job.  You will need to re-apply them after the upgrade, which will be installed using the system default value.  A back-end user login is required.

The Settings values dictate the retention period of data.  Keeping non-critical data for an infinite time period can adversely affect your database size.

Record the current settings

Do these steps before applying release 5.28.0.

  1. Click Admin > Scheduled Tasks.
  2. Click the grid row of Database Maintenance Plan
  3. Save a screenshot of the Scheduled Task window.

The Database Maintenance Plan grid row will no longer be available in Scheduled Tasks after the 5.28.0 upgrade.

Re-apply settings

Do these after applying the upgrade to 5.28.0.

  1. Click Admin > Settings.
  2. On the Site Settings tab, filter on Setting Description contains the word retain
  3. Click the grid row and enter the Settings Value to match your screenshot.
  4. Click Update to save the value.
  5. Update the settings on all grid rows that apply.

Systems Defaults

These are the settings that will be applied by default during the upgrade.

Avalara suggested settings

These are the values we apply to our production SaaS, and can be used as suggested values:

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