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Using VAT Engine in the Cloud

VAT Engine runs as a web service on the internet which is called the sandbox, this is where customers can access the Engine in the cloud.

  • The Sandbox can be accessed through this link:
  • You will be directed to EngineService which shows the two methods for creating your XML document. For integration with the engine, the AnalyseDocument is the one you need in order to submit your XML document.
  • Customers will need to access a program to create their xml files. (xml spy, Wizdler)
  • When you click on AnalyseDocument, you will find the method for integrating the VAT Engine.This method is very simple and only has one parameter called Document. This is where the caller supplies the XML input document. When the AnalyseDocument returns, it sends back another XML document that contains the results of the calculation by the VAT Engine.
  • The customer needs to create an XML file in HTML code in order to call our Engine Service to send us the XML document.