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Quick start for VAT Expert

Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Log in to Avalara VAT Expert and click  I accept the terms of this disclaimer.
  2. To set the Language Settings, click the Data tab and select Settings.
    2 Quick start.png
  3. In Personal Settings, select a Language and click Save.
  4. Add the Name of the supplier. To search for a specific supplier or customer, go to search for companies.
    4 quick start.png
  5. Add the Name of the customer. The VAT company number automatically appears below the Name field.
    5 quick start.png
  6. If you are creating a simulation, leave NumberSelf-Billing, and Cash Accounting blank. If you’re creating a real invoice, add the Invoice Number.
    6 quick start.png
  7. In the Unit field, type the quantity of products or services and in the Description field, type a description for the products or services. The rest of the description fields automatically populate. To create or search for a new product, go to search for products.
    7 quick start.png
  8. Add the Completion date and Place of the transaction. The date of the transaction isn't the same as the invoice’s date, since invoices may be created before/after payment or before/after the delivery of goods.
    8 quick start.png
  9. In the Price fieldselect your Currency Type and type the Price of your product or service per item.
    9 quick start.png
  10. The tool calculates the transaction’s total price and the VAT amount. For simulation purposes, it’s not necessary to fill in the sections of Description and Number. To create real invoices, go to create and send invoices.
    10 quick start.png
  11. When you finish filling in the information, a green arrow appears at the beginning of the Invoice Line. This indicates the necessary information has been submitted to calculate VAT.
    11 quick start.png
  12. The bottom of the invoice shows the VAT laws that apply in each country. To record your invoice history, click Save Invoice.
    12 quick start.png
  13. To view the invoice, click Invoice > Show in pdf or Show in xml.
    14 quick start.png
  14. Invoices include the fiscal laws in the languages of the countries involved in the transaction. (European Member State languages.)
    15 quick start.png
  15. You've just learned how to create invoices and simulations. To create a new invoice or simulation, click Analysis > New Analysis.
    16 quick start.png

Next steps

Depending on your needs, you can now learn how to search for companies, search for products or create new products.

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