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Create and Send Invoices in VAT Expert

Create, view, send, and organize your invoices in VAT Expert.

  1. Create an invoice by following the steps in the quick start guide.
  2. Insert the invoice’s Number and the transaction’s Date. The date of the transaction is not the same as the invoice’s date, since invoices may be created before/after payment or before/after the delivery of goods.
    2 create email invoices.png
    2b create email invoices.png
  3. Fill in the first Description field with the product’s code and continue to answer the rest of the questions that automatically appear in the fields below.
    3 create email invoices.png
    3b create email invoices.png
  4. To add an additional statement to your invoice, click the Search icon next to Additional Statements. In the next window, insert the message and click Add.
    4 create email invoices.png
    4b create email invoices.png
  5. On the main screen, click Save Invoice.
  6. Send an electronic invoice to yourself and the parties involved, by clicking Invoice > Send electronic invoice.
  7. Add one or both emails and click Send.
    7 create email invoices.png
  8. Click Invoice to view your invoice in PDF format or XML format. Both invoice formats show the specific information filed for this transaction. At the bottom of the invoice, the specifications of the VAT treatment for your transaction are displayed.
    8 create email invoices.png
  9. To view your invoice history, click Invoice and select Invoice history.
    9 create email invoices.png
  10. The Invoice history displays your invoice records as well as an invoice search option.

Next steps

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