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Create New Products in VAT Expert

In VAT Expert, the services or products you provide, need to have a code. If you find a product without a code or you want to introduce a new product to our database, you can do so with these simple steps.

  1. Fill in the invoice form by following the quick start manual.
  2. When you reach the product’s Description, click the Plus icon.
    2 create new products.png
  3. On the Description tab, select the Language, type the Name of your new product and click Save.
    3 create new products.png
  4. On the Other tab, add your product’s reporting information and click Save.
    4 create new products.png
  5. On the VAT information by country tab, add your product’s information for another country and click Save.
    5 create new products.png
  6. On the Expert parameters tab, select whether your product is a service or goods, select its physical parameters, and click Save.
    6 create new products.png
  7. On the main window, your new product now appears in the Description field. Repeat this process every time you wish to add a new product to the system.
    7 create new products.png

Next steps

If you’re ready to produce invoices and email them to your customers continue to create and send invoices.

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