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VAT and COVID-19

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Brexit has changed how EU member states interact with the UK. Please consult with your tax adviser on how Brexit has impacted your tax situation.



Avalara AvaTax is a tax compliance solution that automates the complexities of calculating sales tax, VAT, and GST. Please ask your Customer Account Manager about Avalara AvaTax and how it can help with your VAT calculations.

The Covid-19 virus has caused disruption to many businesses around the world, and a number of Tax authorities have implemented VAT payment deferral schemes as well as VAT payment installment plans to aid businesses during this difficult time.

For the latest tax news related to the outbreak, see World turns to VAT cuts on coronavirus Covid-19 threat and the VATlive blog. Learn how to leverage VAT and unlock cashflow savings using the Avalara - VAT rallies to the COVID-19 business challenge white paper.

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