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Retrieving tax notices from CTT Portugal

How to access tax notices from Portugal’s tax office (CTT)

If you file VAT returns in Portugal, Avalara will provide you with a login to Portugal’s tax office website, which is known as the CTT. You can use the CTT website to view and download any communications from the tax office. We recommend that you check your account regularly in case there are important notices that require action from you. This guide will explain how to check and download these notices.

Retrieving tax notices 

  1. To get started go to
  2. Please note that ViaCTT is only available in Portuguese, you can follow the instructions here to navigate the page, and you can also use Google translate to assist you in using the web portal.
  3. To login you will need to enter a user name under the heading Codigo de Utilizador and a password under the heading Password. For the user name enter the VAT number proceeded by the letters NIF. For example if your VAT number was 123456789 you would enter NIF123456789.
  4. Contact Avalara via the VAT Returns portal to obtain a default password, you can change this password after the first login and this process will be explained later in this guide.
  5. With the username and password entered click Continuar to access the summary page, including notifications and a list of items on the right hand-side of the screen.
  6. To check your e-notifications look for the Documento heading and click Carta de Boas Vindas.
  7. This will open the document panel, from here you can click Visualizar Documento at the bottom of the page to download a PDF copy of the document.
  8. When you have downloaded your documents you can press Sair to exit the page.

Changing your password

  1. On your first login you will use a default password, after your first login you can set a new password of your own choosing.
  2. To do this look for the heading Perfil Geral on the left hand menu and under this heading click Alterar Password.
  3. On the next screen you will see three text entry boxes.
  4. Enter the old/current password next to the heading Password atual.
  5. Enter the new password next to the heading Nova password.
  6. Enter the new password again next to the heading Confirme nova password.
  7. Click Gravar to confirm and make the change.

Your password has now been changed and can be used when you next login.

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