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Getting started with Managed VAT Reporting

Welcome to Avalara!

It’s great to have you with us. This guide is going to show you how to get logged in, get your data uploaded, and how to find help and support.

Logging in

When you get started our team will email your login details to the address provided. If you cannot find the login email, please double check your spam folder, and contact our team if you still cannot find the login link. 

Please note the login link is valid for 24 hours, if your login has expired you can request a new one by following the link in the email. The URL to login is here.

Registering for VAT

If you are looking to kickstart a new registration you will need to visit the registration tab when you have logged in. For guidance on the registration process including a timeline and guidance for each registration step, please visit the registrations area in our Help Centre.

Getting Help 

Our Help Centre has a range of guides and FAQs to help you use the platform. From the main help centre page here, click “Avalara Managed VAT Reporting” to view all the articles and FAQs to help you learn the platform. We also have help available directly inside the platform, click the Help menu in the top right to get started, we also have tooltips and mini tours to help explain and demonstrate features, look out for the blue question mark icons to start these snippets of contextual help.

Getting data into the platform

Once you have logged in, and visited our Help Centre, your next step is to begin uploading your data into the platform. There are a couple of ways that you can import your data.           

Import data using our template

The Avatemplate is our standard template which you can use to get your transactional data into the platform. To download and learn more about the template please click here.

After downloading the template, you will need to fill it with your data. This is done by taking data from your source files and copying into the correct headings in the template.

When you open the template each column heading has some information and guidance to help you understand the correct format for the data.

Once your template is complete you will need to upload it on the Import Transactions page, to learn more about this process click here.

Downloading data from Amazon  

If you are selling via a marketplace such as Amazon, you will need to download the transaction report from Amazon and upload it via the import transactions page. To learn more about the Amazon VAT Transaction report click here.

If you use another marketplace and are unsure how to import your data, please contact our returns team.

After uploading your data

Once you upload your data, we will run a series of automatic checks to ensure the data is formatted correctly and that an accurate return can be generated using your data. Please note this process can take some time and your returns will not show immediately after uploading your data.

Once your data has been checked, your returns will be generated and displayed in the Returns page. To view your returns click Returns then Open Returns.

Returns start off in a draft status and need to be approved for filing. On the returns page you can click into a return to view more information, as well as approve the return and download a draft copy.

In the case where a nil-return is required, you will need to confirm to us that the return is nil. To do this please send us a message on the activity page and confirm the regions for which you are requesting a nil-return. 

Please note that we will automatically approve returns on your behalf if no approval is given before the deadline, this is done to help you avoid penalties or surcharges for late filing. 

Making payment for returns  

Once your return has been approved and filed, you will be notified of successful filing. The next step is to make payment.

To learn how to make payment click the question mark icon next to the Payment heading on the returns page. This quick tour will show you how to find the payment details you will need to complete payment for your return.

Asking questions and speaking with our team

If you need to contact our team you have two options, first is to speak to our returns team. Contact our returns team for any questions related to returns, filing, figures, deadlines etc. The returns team can be contacted directly from the returns section of the platform, just click on Returns then Activity, and from this page you can message our returns team. The replies from your returns manager are also viewable on this page.

If you have an issue that is not returns related, you can contact our support team, by clicking the contact support button, or visiting the support cases page. Our support team can help you understand the software or deal with account problems and other general queries.

Tax notices and official communications 

Avalara will receive tax notices of your behalf from relevant tax authorities, we will send you notice of these via the activity page in the returns page of the platform. Be sure to open and deal with all notices as soon as possible, as failure to do so may lead to penalties or surcharges.


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