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VAT Reporting Installation Guide Using AWS Workspaces

In this section, you'll install and access VAT Reporting remotely using Amazon AWS Workspaces. Use VAT Reporting without downloading the tool to your computer. By using AWS Workspaces, you can immediately have remote access to filing your VAT Returns and other European taxes.

  1. To download and install the client, go to AWS.
  2. Once you receive a registration code via email, launch the client and enter the registration code.                                                                                      clipboard_e9c63e55125a75793a2d7c72374c37752.png
  3. A new window with a remote desktop opens and you can start the VAT Reporting Module from the desktop.                                               clipboard_e543ca156c0a13fa7a2f0ea7fc3c79ae8.png
  4. You are now ready to start using Avalara VAT Reporting!
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