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Set up VAT codes in Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version)

After you set up your company, it's time to assign VAT Codes. VAT Codes are assigned to companies in order to have an ID associated with the different types of transactions. It's important to take the time to create your VAT Codes for the tool to work faster and more efficiently when filing your VAT returns and other relevant return and report types.

  1. On the main panel, click Data > Reporting Combinations.
    1 set up vat codes.png 
    1b set up vat codes.png
  2. At the bottom of the Reporting Combinations window, click New.
    2 set up vat codes.png
    2b set up vat codes.png
  3. In the Reporting Combination Wizard, complete the required fields for your VAT Code.
    3 set up vat codes.png
    3b set up vat codes.png
  4. As you complete the fields, the system generates transaction IDs. Click the one that best suits your transaction.
    4 set up vat codes.png
  5. At the top of the wizard, in the first line, type the number of the VAT code (transaction ID) you found in the wizard and click Add.
    5 set up vat code.png
  6. Back in Reporting Combinations, click the VAT Code that you just added.
    6 set up vat codes.png
  7. In the Reporting Combination Details screen, check the details of your VAT Code, make any necessary changes and then click Save.
    7 set up vat codes.png
  8. You've just finished adding your first VAT Code into the system. If you need to assign additional VAT Codes, just repeat these steps for each code.

Next steps 

After you set up your VAT Codes, it's time to import your invoices to VAT Reporting.

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