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Set Up Your Company in Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version)

It’s time to personalize Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version) and make sure that all of your company’s information is accurately stored in the system.  After following these steps you will be able to file VAT returns and other European tax types successfully.

By making sure that you add thorough information about your company, like the different VAT numbers, the VAT code requirements & deadlines, physical address, and other specifications, Avalara VAT Reporting works more effectively to meet your taxing needs in Europe. The more time that you spend importing your company's data, the faster it will be to later file your reports.

  1. Click the VAT Reporting Module icon on your desktop.
  2. The tool’s main panel opens where you have access to your invoices and reports.
    2 setting up your company.png
  3. To add your company’s basic information, click the Data tab > Companies > VAT Numbers
    3-7 setting up your company.png
  4. In the Companies & VAT Numbers window, next to the Companies line, click New.
    4 setting up your company.png
  5. Fill in the required spaces with your company’s information and your VAT code (number). 
    5 setting up your company.png
  6. When you finish, click Close. VAT Reporting automatically saves your information.
  7. Add your VAT numbers to the system. A company may have more than one VAT number and you need to repeat the following process for each number. Click the Data tab > Companies > VAT Numbers
    3-7 setting up your company.png
  8. In the Companies & VAT Numbers window, next to the VAT Numbers line, click New.
    8 setting up your company.png
  9. In the VAT Number Details window, fill in the required spaces with your VAT number information. Remember, you will need to repeat this process for every VAT number your company has.
    9 setting up your company.png
  10. If you don’t use your company’s name when filing for taxes, fill in the Representative tab with the information of the person in charge. Otherwise, skip this step.
    10 setting up your company.png
  11. The Due Dates tab is very important,  this is where you add the reporting due dates for your VAT number. This is how the system automatically knows when the reports need to be filed for each individual number.
    11 setting up your company.png
  12. The Refund Properties tab only needs to be filled if you're going to file for refunds. You can skip this step, yet we recommend you complete this screen in case you need this feature in the future.
    12 setting up your company.png
  13. When finished, click Close. The information is saved. 
  14. After adding your first VAT number, your company’s name appears on the main panel and your company is successfully added to Avalara VAT Reporting!
    14 setting up your company.png
  15. Repeat the VAT Number process if you have more VAT numbers to add into the system.

Next steps

After you set up your company, it's time to set up your VAT codes.