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Make Corrections to VAT Returns in VAT Reporting (desktop)

This manual provides a set of steps for correcting mistakes in VAT Returns across Europe.

  1. After you file your VAT Returns for a specific period, close the period, and store the VAT Return in your History. Select Approve this return period and store the VAT return in the History.
  2. If invoices with an invalid date for the closed transaction period are found, they generate an error as shown below.
  3. The documents marked in the error list should be rescheduled for the next open VAT return period, where no filing has occurred.
  4. Right-click on the document and select Reschedule document. In the Reschedule Date window, enter the new transaction date. By sorting errors by error type, you can correct a whole list at once if they belong to the same period.
  5. Select to Re-schedule these documents as a Correction or as a Non-correction
    1. If you selected non-correction, the rescheduled documents are sent to the inbox where they are processed and added to the next open VAT return period. Check the Status window to make sure that there are no invoices left in the inbox.
    2. If you re-scheduled them as a correction, these documents now have the status of Correction Documents. There are now different options to make corrections in VAT Returns depending on the legislation of the different EU countries. To view them, use any of these filters in the correct scheduling period. 

      • Corrections show all: Only the correction documents are shown all together

      • Corrections grouped per period: Only the correction documents are shown and separated by the chosen period.

      • Correction grouped per period including original documents: Both the old and the correction documents are shown for the original period.


  6. Select the first open period to start reporting from. Depending on the country and the applicable law, select one of the five options:

    • Normal show all: This option allows you to file a return that includes all the information like normal transactions and correction transactions from past periods.

    • Normal show only non-corrections: File a return that only includes the transactions linked to the selected period. (No corrections from past periods are included.)


    • Corrections show all: File a return that only includes the corrections from the past periods and the ones re-sheduled to this period.

    • Corrections grouped by period: File a return that only includes the corrections from a specific period and the ones re-sheduled to this period. This is also called an additional VAT return as additional data is added to an existing filed return.


    • Corrections grouped by period including original transactions: File a return that only includes the corrections from a specific period and the transactions already reported in that period. This is also called a replacement VAT return as you re-do the filing that was done before.


Now you know how to correct errors in Avalara VAT Reporting (desktop) for more help using this product see all our help guides for this product.

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