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Import Your Invoices and Reconciliations

After setting up your company and creating VAT Codes, you're ready to import your invoices into the system. The following steps show you how to import your invoices manually and start filing VAT returns, Intrastat, Extrastat, and other European Reports. Learn how to create a Reconciliation and obtain a summary of all the invoices reported in a VAT return. 

If you purchased the extractor when you bought Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version), you could now use it to import your invoices.

  1. To download the template used for importing the content of your invoices, click the Help tab > Templates > Generic Template > Full Template.
    1 import your invoices.png
    1b import your invoices.png
  2. Fill in the template with your invoice’s information. One line per invoice.
    2 import your invoices.png
  3. For instructions for each column, click the headers’ red arrows.
    3 import your invoices.png
    3b import your invoices.png
  4. Save the Excel document to a folder in your computer.
    4 import your invoices.png
  5. To import the invoice document, click Settings > General Settings.
  6. In the Reporting Settings screen, click on the Inbox tab.
    6 import your invoices.png
    6b import your invoices.png
  7. Click the button next to the search window to look for your document’s location in your computer.
    7 import your invoices.png
  8. Find the correct folder and click OK. In the Reporting Settings screen, click Import.
    8 import your invoices.png
  9. Your invoices have been successfully imported and the tool returns to the main screen.
  10. To obtain a summary of your sales or purchases invoices, fill in your Company, Period, Year, Country, check if you wish to view Sales, Purchases and click Reconciliations on the left menu.
    10 import your invoices.png
  11. Choose the period mode in which you can view the invoice summary by selecting the period at the right of the screen.
    11 import your invoices.png
  12. To display the list of sales or purchases invoices relating to fixed assets only, select Sales (fixed assets) or Purchases (fixed assets).
  13. When you click Save, the list can be stored as a PDF, CSV, or exported to a TXT file. For fixed assets, you can also create a template by clicking iVAT Revision.

Next steps

You're now ready to file your VAT returns.

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