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Find Invoice Errors in Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version)

Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version) records invoice errors and warnings to make sure that you are able to go back into your invoices and make any necessary corrections to your data. These steps show you how to access these errors.

  1. On the main screen, click Data > Error Documents.
    1 find errors.png
  2. Select your Company and the Start Date and End Date of the period that you wish to check for mistakes.
    2 find errors.png
  3. For the View Mode, select Error Type Tree.
    3 find errors.png
  4. Select whether you wish to view errors, warnings or both. Leave the Intra/Extra option in Financial only and click Apply filters.
    4 find errors.png
  5. View errors, error descriptions, the invoice numbers that need to be changed, and the report line that needs to be modified.
    5 find errors.png
  6. Click the Invoice Line to view the error with the correct answer. Fix the error in your invoice and import it again.

    6 find errors.png

    Repeat this process every time you wish to find and correct mistakes in your invoices.

    For more help with resolving errors and warnings please use the errors and warnings list below.

    Reporting Check_ErrorsWarnings_List_Jun2020.pdf

    For more information on resolving errors, please take a look at our guide to making corrections to VAT returns.

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