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File your VAT Returns in Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version)

Now that you've imported your invoices into the system, you're ready to start filing VAT returns. Learn to file your VAT returns and enjoy the filing efficiency of Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version). Remember to first set up your company in the tool, create your VAT codes, and import your invoices.

  1. On the main screen, select your Company, filing Period, and filing Country.
    1 file your vat returns.png
  2. In the time period box on the right, select Monthly or Quarterly.
    2 file your vat returns.png
  3. Click the VAT Return tab.
    3 file your vat returns.png
  4. On the main panel, check the invoices for your selected time period.
    4 file your vat returns.png
  5. To view and save your report, click Save as
  6. In the next window, save your returns in PDF or XML format. Below the grey line, you can view (only) your reports in Excel format.
  7. For this example, we chose a PDF format. The VAT Return window shows the Database Fields tab where you can check and change your company’s information. These changes are saved for future reports.
    7 file your vat returns.png
  8. On the Boxes tab, view the invoices of this report.
    8 file your vat returns.png
  9. On the User Fields tab, fill in the required information.
    9 file your vat returns.png
  10. The blue question marks in the User Fields are specific messages or instructions related to the report that you are filing. Make sure you click all of them.
    10 file your vat returns.png
  11. In the VAT Return Options, view your report in English and lock the filing period. By locking the filing period, the invoices in this report can’t be modified. Click the Approve this return period and store the VAT return in the History checkbox.
    11 file your vat returns.png
  12. Make sure that the time period is correct and click Save PDF. Save your report to a folder on your computer.
    12 file your vat returns.png
  13. In the next screen, view your saved report or click No to return to VAT Reporting’s main screen. You have just filed your first VAT return. If you need to file another return for another country, just follow the same process.

Next steps

Now that you've filed your first VAT return, continue to learn how to find invoice errors in VAT Reporting or learn to file Intrastat and Extrastat reports.

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