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File VAT Book and MOSS

VAT Books are local reports that are country specific and that some European member states need to file. Moss reports are quarterly reports that companies across Europe who provide E-Services, need to report.

It’s filed in one country with the Member State Identification and this country reports VAT to the other countries of operation for this company. Learn how to file VAT Book and MOSS by following these simple steps.

VAT Book

Country-specific reports:

  • Czech Republic: KONTROLNÍ HLÁŠENÍ
  • Spain & regions: modelo 340
  • Romania: D394
  • Poland: JPK_VAT
  • Estonia: KMD IMF (This report is also part of the VAT Return, so you can report it in the tool under the VAT return tab.)
  • Slovakia: KVDPH Schema pre vytvorenie davky pre Kontrolny vykaz k dani z pridanej hodnoty
  1. To report on VAT Book, follow the same steps in file VAT Returns, but for the 3rd step, click VAT Book. The rest of the steps are the same.
    1 VAT Books & MOSS.png


  1. To file MOSS, fill in your company name, check the Use your own dates box, insert your reporting period and select the country.
    2 VAT books & MOSS.png
  2. Select MOSS and follow the same steps to file the report that you would follow to file VAT Returns.
    3 VAT books & MOSS.png

Next steps

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