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File EC Listing and Local Listing in Avalara VAT Reporting (Desktop version)

EC Listing and Local Listing are reports of a company’s sales of goods and services in Europe. The process to file EC Listing and Local Listing is similar to the process for filing VAT returns. 

In this user manual, learn the steps to file EC Listing and Local Listing reports.

  1. On the main screen, select your Company, filing Period, and filing Country.
    1 file ec listing.png
  2. Click EC Listing or Local Listing.
    2 file ec listing.png
  3. Depending on the requirements of each country, choose the correct Type of EC Listing you wish to file. For this example, we'll select Sales.
    3 file ec listing.png
  4. To check the validity of the companies' VAT numbers used in your report, click Check VAT Numbers > Online Check. If there are any errors, verify the VAT numbers in your system. 
    4 file ec listing.png
    5 file ec listing.png
  5. Once the online check is finished, click Save as and select the format in which you wish to save your report.
    8 file ec listing.png
  6. On the Database Fields tab, verify that your company information is correct and make any necessary changes. These changes are saved for future reports.
  7. On the Listing Lines tab, verify the report's description.
  8. On the User Fields tab, fill in the required information.
  9. On the EC Listing Options tab, if you wish to view the report in English, select Show form translated into English. Always click the checkbox Approve this period and store the EC Listing in the History. By checking this option, you are locking the time period of this report. This action guarantees legitimacy and compliance of your report.
    12 file ec listing.png
  10. Check that the time period of your report is accurate, click Save PDF and save the report to a folder on your computer.
  11. You can open the file or click No. Close all windows and return to the main panel. You've just finished filing your EC Listing.
  12. Local Listing reports are only required for certain countries. To file a Local listing report, follow the previous steps and click Local Listing.
    16 file ec listing.png

Next steps

Continue to file Sales & Purchase Ledgers if your company requires these reports.