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VAT registration process

Thank you for requesting a new VAT registration, below is an outline of what to expect next.

  1. VAT registration sign-up: Our VAT Registration Team will be in touch with you within the next 48 hours.
  2. Welcome email: You will receive an email from our VAT Registration team that will explain what the requirements are for each of the countries you are registering in as well as the necessary documentation needed. Blank templates of Power of Attorney and other related application forms will also be provided.
  3. VAT registration processing: Once you return the successfully completed forms, we will process your VAT registration(s).
  4. VAT registration confirmed: Once the relevant tax authority has confirmed your successful VAT registration, our VAT Registration Team will reach out to let you know.
  5. First VAT filing: Now that you are successfully VAT registered in the region, we will be able to perform your first VAT filing there.


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If you require help in completing the application forms, we are able to assist, for an additional fee per country.




The VAT registration process can take between two to three months depending on the individual tax authorities. Avalara is not able to influence or expedite the issuance of VAT registrations.


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