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VAT Code reports in Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version)

This page will show you how to generate VAT code reports in Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version).

Getting started

  1. Head to the Reports section in VAT Reporting. Hover over the word Reports and select VAT Code Reports.
  2. You will be taken to the VAT Code Report page, you need to select your Company, Country, Start Date, End Date, and select to group by VAT Code or VAT Code Generic. (generic VAT codes are the Avalara generated VAT codes which you can use if you do not have your own VAT codes)
  3. Click Apply, this will generate all VAT codes used in the selected time period, it will also summarize the taxable basis and VAT amounts, you can also see what sort of transaction is displayed in the Transaction field. 
  4. Click View Details to learn more about a specific transaction and VAT code.
  5. This will show the invoices that were included under the selected VAT code, you can click the invoice number here to view the transaction in the transactions page and get more details.
  6. If your VAT code setup has changed you have the option from these pages to Redeliver your VAT codes, click this if you want to update your codes, you can use the tick boxes to select one or more codes to redeliver.

You have the option to Export current table as CSV this will generate a spreadsheet file of the report for your records.

Summary and next steps

Now you know how to generate VAT code reports in VAT reporting. To learn more about transaction reports, check out the rest of our Help Centre content.


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