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Setup your first company in Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version)

Adding your first company to VAT Reporting

Now you know the key features of Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version) it's time to get started and add your first company.

This page will show you how to add and personalize company data.

When you login to VAT Reporting you will land on the returns page, it will look blank if you are just getting started so let’s get some data added.

  1.  Click on the settings button, then click on companies.
  2. On the companies page scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for create new company.
  3. Enter the following details
    • a new (unique) company code
    • the name of your company
    • contact person (i.e. your email address)
    • address details
    • country
  4. Click Save Company Your company record has now been created, next up it’s time to add VAT details. Scroll up the page to see your newly created company and click Add VAT Number.
  5. Enter the following details
    • Country
    • VAT number
    • VAT number type
    • VAT return frequency
    • EC Listing frequency
    • Intrastat In frequency
    • IntrastatOut frequency
    • VAT Book frequency
  6. Click Due Dates, from here you can setup the due dates for your filings, once these have been set head back to the VAT number tab.
  7. Click Save VAT Number to finish off. Congratulations, you have now added your first company to VAT Reporting and setup the VAT numbers, you can repeat this process for any others you need to add.

Now that your company has been setup, you can add a few more details to help customise your experience.

Next steps

Now that you have setup your companies and VAT details in VAT Reporting, you can move on to the next step, and learn how to upload data using our templates.

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