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Avalara SaaS VAT Reporting v21.5.1 release notes


This release is a maintenance release of Avalara SaaS VAT Reporting for the month of May 2021. It includes changes in reporting documents, mandatory changes as defined by Tax Offices for 2021, modifications in VAT Reporting, and bug fixes.

Change log

Reference / Item



All countries - Errors and warnings – Intrastat – We have made changes to the wording of one of the warning messages.

The message previously read, “for an intercommunity transaction two valid EU MS VAT numbers are required”

This has been changed to be more accurate, “intra-community transactions require two valid EU MS VAT numbers”.


GB/GBNI – Reporting Check – The following transactions have been blocked  where one of the parties is GB or GBNI as these codes are intended to be used only between EU Member States for transactions involving services.

Transaction IDs:

  • 1300 – Supply service art 44 – EU customer
  • 50 – Purchase art 44 – reverse charge – EU supplier


Generic codes:

  • <country>PCSC
  • <country>PCSC<deductibleVATF2>


VR-11866 & VR-11854

NL - ECL Statement by Fiscal Units - PDF - Starting from 01st January 2021 we have updated the EC Listing PDF according to the latest guideline in force. These changes were merely cosmetic.


NL - Intrastat - e-file - We made an improvement to the Intrastat report for NL. Previously if the statistical procedure field was different from '00' the alignment was incorrect. This has now been resolved.

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