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Filing VAT returns in Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version)

This guide explains the process of filing VAT returns with Avalara VAT Reporting.

VAT Return Page Overview    

Navigate to the VAT Returns page of VAT Reporting, this is where you can view your open and closed returns, you can use the filter options at the top of the page to break down returns by company, date, status and more. 

You can also use the custom dates button to redefine your date search.

  • Once you have found the return you would like to work with click on view details to see more details.
  • This will open the finalise and file page.
  • To generate the return document select the document type and language
  • To see the return in detail click on listing lines, to add additional details click on return questions, and to view the created document for your return click on view filing.
  • Under the finalise and file heading you can view more details, make adjustments and then file the return at the bottom of the page. Once finished you can click on mark as submitted.
  • You may wish to download the .json file for your VAT return by clicking on the Download VAT Return button.

Manual Documents

The manual documents page allows you to make changes to the VAT Return, EC listing and Intrastat documents. Making changes here allows you to update multiple documents at the same time.

Any manual changes to returns will be logged in the audit trial and change log making it simple for the reviewer to see what changes have been made by the preparer of the return.

  • From the finalize and file page click on manual documents to open the load documents manually window.
  • From here you can add manual documents, first select the type of transaction.
  • To the right of that you can tick boxes to select the correct document type.
  • Under Reporting Data, you have a range of drop-down menus which can be used to tweak the settings for the manual document you are adding.
  • Under VAT Return you can see line by line how the manual document will impact the return.
  • Under the Add VAT Box heading you can set the box type, box name, return type, and box value, when you have selected your options here don’t forget to click on add.
  • Finally, you have the option to manually adjust the total taxable basis on document and the total VAT on document. Once you have entered all the details for your manual document, press submit to finish adding your manual document, you can repeat this process to add additional manual documents on this page.
  • Once your manual document has been added you can head back to the view return by transaction and you will see your newly added manual document represented in the transaction view.

Summary and next steps

Now you know how to file returns, view reconciliation and add manual documents in VAT Reporting. Head back to the VAT Reporting learning centre to learn more.


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