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Checking invoices on the Transactions page

Learn how to check invoices for accuracy in Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version).

How to check invoices in Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version)

To get started, head to the Transactions page.

The Transactions page

From this page you can use the filters at the top of the screen to search for invoices and transactions, you can filter by; Company, Year, Invoice Number, Document ID, Own Reference, and Supplier invoice number.

You can tick the Exact Match box if you only want to see invoices that fully match your search parameters. 

Press Apply to start your search.

When an invoice is found the invoice summary will display below the search filters. Under the invoice summary, you will also be able to see if there are any errors or warnings associated with the invoice.

To expand the full details for the invoice click the blue arrow next to the invoice name. This will expand the invoice information for full supplier info, dates, and invoice line items.

On this page you can also upload attachments to the invoices, scroll to the Attachments heading, and press Upload to select a file from your computer to attach to the invoice, this is often used to attach the PDF copy of the invoice for your records.

Below Attachments you will find the Comments section, this section can be used to log comments or additional information to share with the rest of your team, for example, if you make changes to the invoice you may want to add a comment here to explain. (Changes are also listed in the changelog)

Deleting, redelivering, and exporting transactions

If you head back to the Transactions heading you will see a tick box next to the invoice number.

Tick this box.

With the box ticked, click into the drop-down menu titled Actions

You have four options here;  Delete, Force to Error, Redeliver, and Export.

  • Select Delete if you wish to remove the invoice from VAT Reporting.
  • Select Force to Error if you wish to move the invoice into the Errors and Warnings section.
  • Select Redeliver to send this invoice back into the Inbox section, this will re-run all checks on the invoice.
  • Select Export to export all the information in the invoice (Including all the details on this page) into an XML file.

Please note; If you are working with an invoice that contains errors, then you cannot adjust it from this page, and instead need to resolve the error in the Errors and Warnings section before it can be adjusted here.

Summary and next steps

Now you know how to check and adjust your invoices in the Transactions section of VAT Reporting, head to the VAT Learning Centre for more information.