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Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version) - Manual Documents

This page provides an overview of the manual documents process in Avalara VAT Reporting (Cloud version).

What are manual documents?

In Avalara VAT Reporting a Manual Document is a supplementary document that a user uploads to be added to their VAT return.

This is often done to make corrections or to add data that was mistakenly omitted from the return.

How to upload manual documents

  1. From the Returns page use the date filters to find the return you want to work with. Don't forget if you file a quarterly return you will need to select the last month of the return to get it to display.
  2. Once you have identified the correct return click on Details to open it up.
  3. On the Return Details page, you will see the Manual Documents button, click this to start the upload.
  4. The Manual Document window will pop up, on this page first select the type of transaction to be added, Sales or Purchase.
  5. The Company and Country fields will already be filled.
  6. Check the Currency, Transaction Date, Invoice Date, and Reference fields are correct.
  7. Scroll down the page to the VAT Box section. In order to add transactions to your VAT return, you will need to know the return box that the new transaction will be reflected in.
  8. First select Taxable Basis or VAT from the Box Type selector.
  9. Then select the Return Type.
  10. When Box Type is selected the Box Name drop-down will reflect the appropriate Box Name choices, for example, boxes 1,2, and 4 of the UK VAT return in the Box Name drop-down.
  11. Enter the Box Value, this is the amount that will be added to the VAT Box by this manual document upload.
  12. Press Add when you are ready to upload, after pressing add you can scroll up and see the new line added to the VAT Return section.
  13. You can repeat the above steps to add additional items to your return.
  14. When you are finished press Submit.
  15. You will see a confirmation message at the top of the page, you can click this to check the status. This opens the Processed Documents page, from here you see if there are any errors or warnings associated with your manual document. For example, if you are trying to upload a manual document for a period that is already closed you would see an error here.

Checking the manual document on your return.

  1. To double-check your return after adding a manual document, head back to the Returns page.
  2. From here use the dates to select the return you have been working on and click Details.
  3. Under Taxable Basis you can see the box numbers, click the box number you used previously.
  4. With the box opened you will see a line at the bottom that says Manual Correction.
  5. You can click Manual Correction to see more details including who made the adjustment.
  6. You can also see any manual corrections under the View Returns By Transaction heading.

Summary and next steps.

Now you know how to add and check manual documents in VAT Reporting. Click here to view the rest of our guides.

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