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VAT registration overview


This guide will explain the five stages of registration we will go through to get your company setup for VAT. 

Please note these registration steps will apply separately for each country you are registering in, and each country will have its own registration tasks which must be completed to progress your registration. 

When you request a new registration you will be sent an email with your login credentials within 24 hours, follow this link to get logged in and head to the Registrations page to get started.

Once you are on the Registrations page you will see a list of open tasks, these need to be completed in order to kick start your registration. 

  1. Scan: Complete registration tasks and provide scanned documents online using our customer portal. Your document requirements will vary depending on the countries for which you are registering. You will see a list of tasks in the customer portal to help you understand what you need to provide. You need to complete the registration questionnaire and provide the listed documents via upload. Once this has been done the registration will move on to step two. 
  2. Review: Our team will review the documents and information and will let you know if anything else is needed. Return to step 2 if there are problems with the questionnaire or scanned documents, you will be informed via email and in the customer portal. 
  3. Sign: Once we have collected information and gathered documents, we will generate the registration forms for your business. You will need to complete, sign, scan, and upload these documents to Avalara via the customer portal. 
  4. Post: Our team will review the scanned and signed documents. If the documents have been completed correctly, we will notify you when your forms are ready, you then need to print and sign them before posting them back to Avalara. Please ensure you are posting original documents with a wet signature, scanned copies cannot be accepted at this stage. 
  5. Submit: Our team will review the posted forms and if everything is ready, we will send the registration pack, we may contact you if any forms have been incorrectly completed. Our team will post your registration forms and any other required documents to the tax authorities, who will then process the application. Once completed you will be sent your certificate and confirmation. Please note this process can take up to twelve weeks. 
  6. Registration completed: Congratulations! The VAT registration is now complete. Our team will forward you all the required documents and confirmations. Don’t forget that you must account for VAT from the effective date of registration, even if the VAT registration documents and VAT number take a while to arrive after the effective date. 





Avalara AvaTax is a tax compliance solution that automates the complexities of calculating sales tax, VAT, and GST. Please ask your Customer Account Manager about Avalara AvaTax and how it can help with your VAT calculations.



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