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Submitting the Amazon VAT Transaction Report (AVTR)

The Amazon Vat Transaction Report (AVTR) is a text file used to report transactions on Amazon. The AVTR report is downloadable from Amazon Seller Central.



Please do not alter the file, just download it then upload it to the Avalara Managed VAT Reporting portal.

Follow these steps to download a copy of your Amazon VAT Transaction Report.

  1. Log onto Amazon Seller Central and click on Reports > Fulfillment by Amazon.
  2. In the Tax sub-section, click on Amazon VAT Transaction Report.
  3. Select the relevant month then select the Request Download button.
  4. Once the files have been downloaded, the data can be uploaded to Avalara Managed VAT Reporting.
Tip icon Data is downloaded by month so for quarterly filing, three separate downloads from Amazon will be required.

Frequently asked questions about the Amazon VAT Transaction Report


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