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Avalara Managed VAT Reporting deadlines for data and filing

Deadlines for providing Avalara your transaction data

All transaction data must be provided to Avalara by the 4th of the month following the filing period.

For example, data for a 1 June to 30 June filing period must be supplied to Avalara by the 4th of July. If the 4th of the month falls on a weekend or public holiday in your country, you must send the data by the next working day.

Avalara will prepare your VAT returns and notify you once the returns have been drafted. You will have 24 hours (one working day) to contact us about any amendments that are required. Approval is not necessary as Avalara will auto-approve and auto-file your returns.

VAT returns filing deadlines

Every country sets its own reporting deadlines for VAT returns. Germany requires VAT returns to be filed within 10 days of the reporting period's end. Most other countries expect them to be filed around the 20th of the month.

Deadlines for return queries

When a return is ready for approval a draft will be uploaded into your Managed VAT Reporting portal. You will also be sent an email notification to inform you that a return is ready. 

Please be aware that you have 24 hours in which to send any queries related to that return to our team, if we do not get back any queries in that 24-hour time frame, we will file the return after 24 hours.

If queries come in after the return has been filed, this may lead to corrective returns being required, which in turn may require additional fees to complete.

Return filing frequencies 


Periodic VAT returns can have a frequency of monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, or annual. This can vary from country to country, for example some countries may only offer monthly or quarterly filing.

You can learn more about filing frequency and your options by contacting the tax authority in question or vising their website.

Some countries also require you to file an “Annual Return”.  This is different to an annual VAT return. In general, the Annual Return is a yearly report to confirm the company details, such as registered office, directors, and shareholders. Countries such as German, Austria, and Italy have this additional Annual reporting obligation.

Please note that the Annual Return (non VAT) cannot be filed via Avalara, and most often needs to be filed directly with the tax authority in question.

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