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When applicable, why do Amazon VAT Transaction Report (AVTR) Inbounds need to be added to the AvaTemplate?

If you have any Inbound transactions on your Amazon VAT Transactions report (see column E in the AvaTemplate), Avalara requires additional information in order to process them correctly. Inbound transactions can be due to a variety of reasons:

  • Stock movements from your warehouse to an Amazon logistic centre: Please let Avalara know about these transactions. Pro-forma invoices should be created for these movements and kept for your own records as an audit trail, these do not need to be provided to Avalara.
  • Purchase of goods from an EU supplier: Please provide supplier invoices and enter these into the AvaTemplate – see additional Transactions Sections.
  • Imports from outside the EU: If these are shipped directly to an Amazon warehouse outside your home country, please provide supplier invoices and enter these into the AvaTemplate.
  • Goods shipped into your home country: Avalara does not need to be informed about these transactions as Avalara does not prepare your resident VAT filings.
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