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Can Avalara help me with an audit?

Avalara may be able to help If your company has received an audit request.

Please contact your Return Manager to discuss the audit, sending us a copy of the audit request letter or document will help us to confirm what assistance we can provide.

You can contact your Return Manager directly from within your VAT Reporting interface. To do this head to the Returns page, then to Activity, and select Contact Us.

To upload a copy of the audit request document head to Import Transactions and drag and drop the document into the import window. You can also add comments here to provide more information.

Please note that we are not able to assist with all different audit requests, and that costs for assistance with audits do vary dependent on the type and region of the audit.

Dealing with audits and information requests in a prompt manner is important in order to avoid penalties or charges, if you have received an audit request please action it as soon as possible.

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