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Get Started with Product Taxability

Webinar description

If you want to enable special taxability, take advantage of the thousands of tax rules in the AvaTax engine. This webinar shows you how to select and map AvaTax system tax codes to your items and services. If you want to tax everything as fully taxable, we've got you covered! If you sell an item that doesn't match an AvaTax System Tax Code, learn how to create a custom tax code. If you're not sure whether your goods and services should be fully taxable or fall in the realm of special taxability, this webinar will help you learn the difference. 

Get ready

Before the webinar:

AAT-Get Started-Checkbox.png Activate your AvaTax account

AAT-Get Started-Checkbox.png Gather knowledge of your company's products and services

AAT-Get Started-Checkbox.png Review the tax code search tool or download the list of AvaTax system tax codes in an Excel file

AAT-Get Started-Checkbox.png Watch Tax Codes and Rules to learn more about what product taxability is and why it is important

AAT-Get Started-Checkbox.png  Questions? Check out our Avalara online training help

Webinar information

Audience: AvaTax customers who sell products and services with varying taxability.

Objective: In this webinar, you will learn the process of assigning your item codes to Avalara system tax codes


  • How to map system tax codes to your items
  • Create custom tax codes with tax rules

Recorded webinar

If you can't attend a scheduled webinar, you can view one of our previously recorded webinars:

RecordedWebinars-Blue-xs.png Get Started with Product Taxability (29:33)

Post webinar resources

After attending this webinar, additional resources are available to you.