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Avalara Returns Monthly Process

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By filingHoverTT.png tax returns on your behalf, Returns provides you end-to-end automation of the sales tax compliance process. Even though the filing process is automated, there are still some tasks you need to complete each month as a best practice. We've gathered some resources to help you learn the monthly process for Returns. For each section below, there are videos, user guides, and recorded webinars so you can choose how you want to learn.



This user guide page and video provide an overview of the Returns filing timeline and the tasks that you need accomplish each month to ensure we are filing in the right state at the right time for your business needs.


What is the filing cycle?

PLAY-BLUE-30px.png Returns filing timeline

Collect and calculate tax accurately

This video provides an explanation about the basics of sales tax. In order to calculate sales tax correctly, it's great to have a foundation in sales tax compliance. Here is a video course to help you understand the basics:


Making sense of sales tax

GuidesNL-blue-xs.png Avalara integrates with hundreds of accounting systems. Learn how to calculate tax with your specific accounting system.

Manage the liability worksheet

The liability worksheetHoverTT.png is a monthly summary of tax activity and liability by state. The worksheet provides up-to-date financial information for review and reconciliationHoverTT.png with your accounting, ERP, e-commerce, m-commerce, or POS application. The videos, webinar, and user guide page will walk you through the various features available in the liability worksheet.

GuidesNL-blue-xs.png Generate the liability worksheet
GuidesNL-blue-xs.png Manage the liability worksheet
DailyWebinar-Blue-xs.png Avalara liability worksheet

Obtain filing record

All past taxes filed through Returns are stored and searchable in the Filing Archive. Filed returns are available in the archive by the 5th of the following month. It is recommended to save a copy of every filed return

GuidesNL-blue-xs.png Locate archived returns