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Month End Posting Utility

The Month End Posting utility lets you commit documents to the Admin Console for a specified date range. 

Use the Month End Posting utility:

  1. Sign in to Workday.
  2. In the Search box, type Launch, and then click Launch/Schedule Integration.

    Workday - viewIntegrationSysPNG.png

  3. Next to Integration, type AvaPostCustomerInvoices. Next to Organization, type the Company Name. Click OK to continue.

  4. On the Schedule an Integration page, type the following details for a new integration, and then click OK to view the processing details:

    Workday - SelectOPerationPNG.png

    • Company: Type the Company Name.
    • FromDate and ToDate: Enter a date range for this operation.
  5. The View Background Process for AvaPostCustomerInvoices displays the Integration detailsProcess Info, Output files, and Messages. The output details can be downloaded in excel format.

  6. Click the Output Files tab to see detailed information about the following files:


    1. PostWarnings.txt: List of the warning messages.
    2. PostErrors.txt: List of error messages.
    3. SuccessfullPostResult.txt: List of invoices:
      • Successfully committed (Posted)
      • Successfully canceled
      • Already committed
  7. To repost the pending invoices, resolve the error(s) and warning(s) and run this utility again.
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