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Customer Invoice Error Processing Report

The AvaTaxCalcErrorRecovery report lists invoices where AvaTax couldn't calculate sales tax. These errors could be caused by missing/incorrect address details or incomplete configuration. After you run the report, review the errors, fix the invoices, and reprocess them for tax calculation with AvaTax.

  1. Sign in to Workday.
  2. In the Search box, type Launch, and then click Launch/Schedule Integration.

    Workday - viewIntegrationSysPNG.png

  3. On the Launch/Schedule Integration page, specify the following details, and then click OK:
    • Integration: Type AvaTaxCalcErrRecovery
    • Organization: Type the Company Name

  4. On the AvaTaxCalcErrRecovery Schedule an Integration page, specify the following details, and then click OK to view the processing details:
    • Value: Select either Report & Attempt ReCalc or Report Only
    • Start Date and End Date: Enter a date range for this operation to filter the invoices based on the Customer Invoice Event completion date

  5. The View Background Process page displays the process for the parent event, Integration AvaTaxCalcErrRecovery. This page also displays a consolidated report and logs for earlier processes.