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Customer Invoice Error Processing Report

The AvaTaxCalcErrorRecovery report lists invoices with a status of "In Progress" and invoices that are awaiting approval from a particular Security Group. 

  1. Sign in to Workday.
  2. In the Search box, type Launch, and then click Launch/Schedule Integration.

    Workday - viewIntegrationSysPNG.png

  3. On the Launch/Schedule Integration page, specify the following details and then click OK:
    • Integration: Type AvaTaxCalcErrRecovery.
    • Organization: Type the Company Name.

  4. On the AvaTaxCalcErrRecovery Schedule an Integration page, specify the following details and then click OK to view the processing details:
    • Value: Select either Report & Attempt ReCalc or Report Only.
    • FromDate and ToDate: Enter a date range for this operation.

  5. The View Background Process displays the process for the parent event, Integration AvaTaxCalcErrRecovery. This page also displays a consolidated report and logs for the earlier processes.