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Assign Customers to AvaTax

Assign the AvaTax tax schedule to customer records in Sage Sales Tax for Sage 500 so you can use AvaTax to calculate sales tax for those customers.

Assign AvaTax to customer records

The easiest way to assign the AvaTax tax schedule to customer records in Sage 500 is to follow these steps:

  1. In the AvaTax folder, under Utilities, click Tax Schedule Update Utility.
  2. In the Tax Schedule Update Utility dialog box, next to Tax Schedule ID, select AVATAX.
  3. Under Maintenance Type, click Master Records.
  4. Under Record Type, click Customers.
  5. Next to Country, select your country. If you see both USA and US, follow all of these steps for each. (For each country that you assign to the AvaTax tax schedule ID, you must follow all of these steps.)
  6. Select Update Child records associated with master records.
  7. Next to From and To, select a range of customers.
  8. Next to State From and State To, select a range of states, or ignore this step to select all states and provinces.
  9. Click the blue Refresh Sage500_Refresh_icon.png button.
  10. Click the green Process Process_icon.png icon.