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Install and Configure Sage Sales Tax for Sage 100 ERP Powered by Avalara AvaTax

After you activate AvaTax and set up your company profile, install and configure AvaTax for your accounting software. During configuration, customize your setup to fit your unique business needs for things like:

  • Tax calculation settings for various tax types
  • Exemption settings if you have exempt customers
  • Product taxability settings

Alter these settings when your business needs change.

If you've previously installed the integration, learn how to upgrade to the latest version.

1. Install

Before you install Sage Sales Tax for Sage 100 Powered by AvaTax, have your organization’s Sage 100 partner or consultant review the code changes in Sage 100 code changes to ensure that there is no conflict with any other enhancement or extended solution you are using.

Download your integration

To connect your accounting software to AvaTax, download your integration software. 

  1. In AvaTax, on the Home tab, click Get Started.
  2. In the Download and Install Your Integration Software section, click Download Software
  3. In the Download Your AvaTax Connector Software window, click the arrow next to the name of your software, and then download the latest version of your integration. If the file isn't available for download, clear your browser's cache, and log back into AvaTax.
  4. Save the .zip file somewhere on your computer that's easy to find.
  5. Right-click the .zip file and extract the installation folder or file (.exe or .pdf or .msi). 


  1. Extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file and copy the contents to the server hosting Sage 100.
  2. Make sure all Sage 100 users are logged out and the application is closed.
  3. On the Sage 100 server, double-click the Sage 100 integration .exe file.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Read and accept the AvaTax License Agreement, then click Next.

  6. Select the appropriate path to your Sage 100 runtime directory and then click Install.

  7. When installation is complete, click Finish.


Run the register *.bat file

This step is not necessary for Sage 100 Advanced and Sage 100 Premium systems.
  1. Locate and copy the AvaTax folder in the Sage 100 runtime folder.

  2. Copy the folder to the root level of the drive on each workstation.

  3. Open the AvaTax folder on the workstation and double-click register_for_com.bat.


2. Configure

After installing Sage Sales Tax for Sage 100 Powered by AvaTax, you need to configure AvaTax connect options.

  1. To find the AvaTax utilities, in the Home options list on the left side of Sage 100's main menu, go to Sage 100  > Modules > Library Master > Setup.

  2. Under Setup, click Avatax Connect Options. If you see the error message below, follow these steps:
    1. Go to Library Master > Main > Role Maintenance.
    2. Select the administrative role you are logged in as, and add access to the Avalara tasks under Library Master > Reports/Forms and Library Master > Setup Options.
    3. Click the boxes for the AvaTax entries, and click Accept.

  3. In the AvaTax Configuration Options dialog box, enter your:
    • Account Number
    • End User License Key
    • URL
    • Tax Schedule (AVATAX should be displayed)
    • AvaTax Freight Code tax codes
    • Click Validate Addresses into UPPERCASE to convert the address to uppercase before address validation. 
    • Click Skip Tax Calculation for V/I Imports to make AvaTax ignore transactions imported through the Visual Integrator jobs.
    • Click Enable Ship-To By Sales Order to enable tax calculation based on the ship-to address at the line level of the transaction. When you enable this option, you are navigated to a blank configuration window and you need to select the company code again. A message Based on the configuration changes, Sales Order Data Files must be converted. Do you want to proceed? is displayed. Click Yes to proceed. Sales Order data files are converted on confirmation to the new format having Ship-To address details. 
    • Click Enable A/R Ship-To Addresses to enable selection of ship-to address on an A/R invoice
    • Company address
    • Click Whse to add warehouse details. 

  4. From the server and each workstation, click the AvaTax button Sage100_AvalaraButton.png.
  5. To the right of the address fields, click the AvaTax button. If you see a message that says "address not validated," reenter your information in the steps above and click the AvaTax button again.