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Update the Tax Schedule

You can configure Sage Sales Tax for Sage 100 Powered by AvaTax to automatically update the tax schedule found on Sage 100 customer cards.

Configure tax schedule

Follow these steps to configure the tax schedule:

  1. In the Home options list on the left side of Sage 100's main menu, go to Sage 100 > Modules > Library Master > Setup.
  2. Under Setup, click AvaTax Connect Tax Schedule Update.
  3. Click one of the following options:
    • Scan and Report: Reviews and validates selected addresses, then returns a report of successfully validated address ID’s and lists any address IDs with an error message. It does not update address records.
    • Scan, Update, and Report: Reviews and updates selected records and returns a report of changes made.
  4. Click Print Tax Codes and Exemptions if you want the tax codes and exemptions on customer records before you run the update listed on the report.
  5. Next to Avatax Tax Schedule, click the Magnifying Glass and select one of the following:
    • AVATAX: Standard AvaTax tax schedule
    • AVATAXPOD: Used only for destination sourcing for a customer's tax calculations. It uses the customer address as both origin and destination in the tax schedule.
    • AVATAXPOS: Used for point of sale situations when you want calculation to be based on your company or warehouse address. When selected, it uses your company or warehouse address as both origin and destination in the tax calculation.
  6. Next to Customer Number, you can define the range of customers. Click All or use the Magnifying Glass icons to select a range.
  7. Next to Country Code, cick All or the Magnifying Glass to select a range.
  8. Click Proceed.