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Commit an Invoice

Learn how to post a sales order and accounts receivable invoice to the Admin Console.

Commit/post a sales order invoice

After you enter and invoice a sales order, on the S/O Invoice Data Entry screen, you can see that sales tax was calculated. However, at this point it has not been posted to the Admin Console. To send it to the Admin Console, follow these steps:

  1. Click Accept.

    • The AvaTax integration contacts the AvaTax service. 

  2. Now go the Admin Console to see the transaction. Click the Doc Code field to see the uncommitted transaction in detail.

    • You can see the invoice is uncommitted in the document status field, meaning that this transaction is not ready to be filed and will now show up on any reports until it is committed.

  3. To commit the invoice, do a daily sales reports update by following these steps:
    1. Click Sales Order.
    2. Click Main.
    3. Click Daily Sales Reports/Updates utility.
  4. Initiate the Daily Sales Reports/Updates utility to start the posting process. Again, you will see the AvaTax integration contacting the AvaTax service.

  5. In Sage Sales Tax for Sage 100 Powered by AvaTax, on the next screen, click the S/O Invoice Data Entry Batch you want to post.
  6. Click Proceed.

  7. Click Preview or Print.

  8. In the Admin Console, refresh the screen. The transaction should now show up as committed.


If you run the Daily Sales Reports/Updates utility, but have a bad internet connection, the transaction may still show as uncommitted in the Admin Console.

Commit/post an accounts receivable invoice

Follow these steps to commit an accounts receivable invoice:

  1. Click Accounts Receivable.
  2. Click Main.
  3. Click Daily Transaction Register utility.

  4. Click Preview. The Daily Transaction Register utility contacts the AvaTax service. The transaction shows as committed once you click Refresh in the Admin Console.