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Install and Configure Avalara AvaTax for OpenCart

Now that you've activated your AvaTax account and set up your tax profile, it's time to install and configure your integration. At the end of this process, you'll send a test transaction to confirm that AvaTax is calculating tax the way you expect. After running a successful test, you'll be able to start using AvaTax!

These steps are for the latest version of AvaTax for OpenCart. If you have an earlier version, we've saved those instructions for you! Learn how to install and configure AvaTax for OpenCart 1.5.6.

1. Install

Learn how to install AvaTax for OpenCart.

  1. Make sure you're running the latest version of vQmod for your version of OpenCart.
  2. Ensure that vQmod is installed and running in your OpenCart web store. For more information, see this page.
  3. Ensure that SOAP service is enabled in your PHP environment. For more information, see this page.
  4. Ensure that default time zone is set in php.ini file. For more information, see this page.
  5. Download the AvaTax for OpenCart zip file and unzip the files in respective folders or contact the Support team for assistance. 
    • admin
    • image
    • system
    • vqmod


  6. Navigate to www.[]/vqmod/xml/extension_conflict_checker.php, and follow these steps:
    1. If your page does not open or displays 'Access Forbidden' error, ensure that you have the required access permission to execute the extension_conflict_checker.php file. For details, check \\vqmod\.htaccess. 
    2. If the screen below appears, then AvaTax for OpenCart does not conflict with other extensions. Skip to the steps for configuring AvaTax for OpenCart.
    3. If a screen like the one below appears, then AvaTax for OpenCart conflicts with other extensions. Resolve these conflicts before using AvaTax.


    4. In the upper right of the Extension Conflict Checker, click Download as PDF and email the PDF to:
    5. Delete all the AvaTax for OpenCart files that you copied into the System folder of your OpenCart directory.
    6. Delete all the AvaTax for OpenCart files that you copied into the Vqmod\xml folder of your OpenCart directory.

2. Configure

After you install AvaTax for OpenCart, it's time to configure AvaTax for OpenCart to ensure it meets your sales tax needs.

  1. In the OpenCart Admin Panel, go to System and select Settings.
  2. To edit your default store details, under Action, click Edit .
  3. On the Settings page, click the Avalara tab.
  4. On the Avalara Settings page, add the following details:

    • Avalara AvaTax Credentials
      • Account ID: Type the 10-digit account ID that Avalara gave you for your Admin Console.
      • License Key: Type the 16-character string that Avalara gave you for your Admin Console.
      • Service URL: Select the applicable environment from the list.
      • Test Connection: Click this button to test and confirm the typed Account ID, License Key, and Service URL. A dialog box appears based on the response received.
        • Connection successful


        • Connection failed


      • Company Name: On successful verification, the list of associated company names is populated.
    • AvaTax Tax Profile Assistant
      • User Name and Password: Type your Admin Console user name and associated passwordTo use AvaTax Tax Profile Assistant to set up your tax profile, click Submit.
    • Tax Calculation Settings
      • Enable AvaTax Tax Calculation: Click this to enable or disable AvaTax for your store.
    • Address Validation Settings
      • Enable AvaTax Address Validation: Click Yes to enable the AvaTax address validationHoverTT.png feature for  customer addresses and store addresses. Enabling this feature is recommended, but not required. Disabling this does not disable AvaTax address validations during tax calculations. 
      • Return results in upper case: Click Yes to return the validated address in uppercase.
      • Only Validate Addresses in: Set this to US, Canada, or Both depending on where you want AvaTax to validate addresses.
    • Customer Specific Settings
      • Do you want to save transaction on AvaTax: Click Yes to start saving your OpenCart invoices in AvaTax. 
      • Enable Log: Click Yes to start generating Avalara logs in the system/AvaTax4PHP/classes/ava-logs folder.
        • Ava-Connect-Log-dd-mm-yyyy.txt (eg. Ava-Connect-Log-27-08-2015.txt) is the integration response log
          AT - When the file is generated. Date & time in yyyy-mm-dd H:i:s format. e.g. 2015-08-27 11:21:57
          Function name - From which function Avatax is called.
          Class - Class name from which Avatax is called
          Class & Method name - Stored in a Class::Method name format
          File Name - File name with full file path from which file Avatax is called.
          Invoker - No data
          Param Passed - No data
          Ret Val - SOAP Request will be stored in this tag & next Ret Val tag will contain SOAP Response.
      • Send Model Number/UPC/SKU to AvaTax: Select the tax code that you would like to send from OpenCart to AvaTax. By default, the Model Number is sent to AvaTax. Using this feature may cause additional fees. Talk to your Customer Account Manager (CAM) for more information.
    • Avalara Details
      • About Avalara: Copyright details.
      • AvaTax Version: AvaTax for OpenCart release version.
      • Admin Console link: Click this link to navigate quickly to the Admin Console.
      • Help Center: Click this link to access the Avalara Help Center.

You can now start using AvaTax for OpenCart.