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Apply Discount Coupon

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax for Open Cart

A discount coupon code is a code a customer can use to get a discount when making a purchase.  In OpenCart, you can apply the discount coupon to a product in the cart.  

Use discount coupon in a transaction

To apply a discount coupon to a product in the cart, follow these steps:

  1. In the cart, go to the Use Gift Voucher section and in Enter your gift voucher code here type the Voucher Code. Click Apply Voucher to apply this discount coupon to the product. 

    OC-PayPal checkout.png
  2. If the discount coupon is valid, then the discount amount is shown in the Estimate Shipping and Taxes section. Click Checkout.

    OC-PayPal checkout1.png

  3. The tax is calculated for this product on the amount shown after the discount amount is deducted. Click Confirm Order.

    OC-PayPal payment.png

  4. Order details are shown in the OpenCart administration panel after the order is confirmed. 

    OC-PayPal Payment1.png

  5. This transaction is now available in AvaTax and can be viewed in the Admin Console > Transaction tab.

    OC-PayPal Payment1.png

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