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Validate Addresses

Quickly validate one address or many addressesHoverTT.png at once in order to ensure that the address is formatted correctly for AvaTax to calculate tax accurately. Validate a variety of addresses: your company's addresses, your customers' addresses, and your vendors' addresses.

At this time, AvaTax only validates addresses in the United States and Canada.

Validate an address

  1. Open any transaction and click the Actions tab.
  2. In the Functions group, click the Avalara Functions icon and then click Validate Address.

  3. In the Edit - Address Validation dialog box, click Accept three times to accept the validated address for the bill-to, ship-to, and sell-to addresses.
  4. Click Close and then OK.

Validate a ship-to address

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the left pane, click Departments, click Sales & Marketing, and then click Sales.
  2. On the right pane under Lists, click Customers.
  3. Double-click any customer and in the Edit - Customer Card dialog box, on the toolbar, in the Customer group, click Ship-to Addresses.

  4. In the View - Ship-to Address List dialog box, click any ship-to address.

  5. In the Edit - Ship-to Address dialog box, click the Navigate tab.
  6. At the upper left, click Avalara Functions and then click Validate Address.
  7. In the Edit - Address Validation screen, click Accept, and in the Edit - Ship to Address dialog box, click OK.

Validate a location

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the left pane, go to Departments > Warehouse.
  2. On the right pane, click Administration, and then under Setup, click Locations.
  3. In the View - Location List dialog box, click a location.
  4. On the Manage menu, click Edit.

  5. In the Edit - Location Card dialog box, on the Navigate tab, point to Avalara Functions, and then click Validate Address.
  6. In the Edit - Address Validation dialog box, under Validated Address, see the validated address, and if it's correct, click Accept.

Validate many addresses

The Batch Address Validation utility lets you validate addressesHoverTT.png for customers, vendors, or locations for a batch of transactions.

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, go to Home > Departments > AvaTax > Utilities > Administration and click Batch Address Validation Utility.
  2. In the Edit - AvaTax Batch Address Validation dialog box:
    1. Select the filter: 
      • Next to Validate for, select either Customer, Vendor, or Location.
      • Next to No., click the dropdown list. In the Customer List window, select the customers and then click OK.
      • Next to Country, select the country.
      • Next to State, select the state.
    2. Click Validate Range.
    3. View the validated address for each customer, vendor, or location in the range.
    4. Under Error Description, if you see an error description, go into the customer, vendor, or location card and update the address.
    5. Click OK.