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Configure Reverse Charge Message Printing

Configure reverse chargeHoverTT.png messages in Microsoft Dynamics GP for Sales Order Transaction Entry, Invoice Entry and Receivable Transaction Entry. A Reverse charge is generated for an invoice for a transaction when:

  • A European customer is selected. Ensure that the customer has a tax registration number in the customer master.
  • Different European country addresses are selected as the origin and destination.

Configure reverse charge message in a report

To configure reverse charge messages in a report in Microsoft Dynamics GP, follow these steps:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, create an invoice and calculate sales tax.
  2. Go to Additional and click AvaTax Invoice Messages.


  3. Reverse charge messages appear in the AvaTax Reverse Charge Messages and are stored in the AVA_WORK_HRD table and the AVA_RevChMsg field.


  4. If there is no reverse charge message, the "No invoice messages for this document" message displays.