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Refine Settings

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax for Magento 1

 Update your integration and configure additional settings after you've integrated with AvaTax.

  1. Manage taxability of products and services
    Manage item taxability by mapping a tax class to an item in AvaTax for Magento 1. By associating your items with tax classes, you can manage item taxability by product or product category, and allow for jurisdictional subtlety in taxability.
  2. Run reports
    Run reports in AvaTax for Magento 1 on a variety of transaction types.
  3. Validate addresses
    Configure AvaTax for Magento 1 to quickly validate addressesHoverTT.png in order to ensure that the address is formatted correctly for AvaTax to calculate tax accurately.
  4. Find your AvaTax connector version
    Find out which version of AvaTax for Magento 1 you're using.
  5. Update AvaTax for Magento 1
    Update AvaTax for Magento 1 when there is a new release.