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Validate an Address

AvaTax for Accounting Seed for Salesforce can validateHoverTT.png billing and shipping addresses separately to ensure accurate tax calculation. 

Validate an address

Before you validate an address in AvaTax for Accounting Seed for Salesforce, ensure that the Enable Address Validation and Verify Validations are enabled in the Avalara Settings page. To validate an address, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Accounts and click the account whose address you want to validate.
  2. In the Account Details page, type the address and click Validate Billing Address to send the address along with the validation request to AvaTax. The address is validated by AvaTax and the Address Validation page is displayed. In the Address Validation page, both the Current Address and the Validated/Standardized Address are shown.


    • To save the address you initially entered, click Keep Address As Entered.
    • To replace the address with the validated address, click Replace With Validated Address.


  3. If the address is not valid, you will receive an Address Validation failed error message. Revise the address and try to validate the address again.