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Configure Item for UPC

For an item, you can choose to send the product code or the UPC (Universal Product Code) from Accounting Seed for Salesforce to AvaTax.  If the UPC is not available, the product code is set as the default and sent to AvaTax. 


  • If UPC content is not activated in AvaTax, then the UPC will not be considered even if is in the Product definition
  • Using this feature may cause additional fees. Talk to your Customer Account Manager (CAM) for more information.

Define a product

The product code or UPC are added when a product is defined. To define a product, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Product > Products.
  2. On the Products page, select the product and click Edit.
  3. On the Edit Product page, add the UPC for this product. In a product definition, the Product Code is a mandatory field and the default value in the product details. The product code is sent to AvaTax if the UPC is not available. AvaTax for Accounting Seed for Salesforce automatically truncates the number to 50 characters before sending it to AvaTax if the number exceeds 50 characters. For Product Code, you can use tax rules and codes. For a valid UPC, the tax rule and code is sent by the UPC service. If the UPC is invalid, the UPC service sends the default tax code P0000000. 
  4. Click Save.



Enable UPC

To enable the UPC service in Accounting Seed for Salesforce, follow these steps:

  1. In the menu, select Avalara > Setup > Configure Avalara. Click Edit to add/edit details. 
  2. On the Avalara Settings page, go to Tax Calculation settings and select Enable UPC Code as ItemCode. Click Save.


  3. In the Admin Console, the transaction details displays the product code and the tax code for a product.

    AS_Admin Console_UPC.png